visit with the iggys

Yesterday, I visited my best friend Jeanette and her family. A visit with the Iggys almost always results in trying new food and having a mega good eats day. Yesterday was no exception.

After hanging out at their house a bit, we made our way to Sanuki no Sato. I had to ask William for the restaurant’s name about 4 times.. but inside was cozy with giant white lanterns hanging from the ceiling. We were seated in a corner booth and I took a look at their very easy and simple Japanese/English menu. I wanted soup noodles for sure, but choosing one wasn’t easy. Everything sounded good! I finally went with nabeyaki udon which basically had everything in it. Shrimp tempura, vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms….

When my food arrived, there was a bowl of rice with tempura veggies on top. I was like, wow! Awesome! I tried a bit, and it was super good. We later found out, they had put Mia’s dish on my tray. Ha! She ended up getting her bowl of rice of course..

The udon was perfect. Broth was kept super hot because of the little pot, all ingredients blended so well. I ate the whole bowl. I didn’t think I could, but I did and it was awesome.

When we were finished at Sanuki no Sato, we went to Mitsuwa. Jeanette had places she had to show me. Specifically, MOCHICREAM & Lupicia – a tea vendor. Mochi can be unbelievable cute and pretty. Just look at those mochi doughnuts! I am pretty sure everything in the case was fake and for show, but the real things actually looked (and tasted) just as good!



Of course I had to buy some. The girl was giving me instructions on how to keep them, and I basically nodded and smiled. I think she was telling me that they needed to defrost a bit and had to be eaten within 24 hours. Well, that wouldn’t be a problem!

At Lupicia, I bought loose leaf tea – paradise green, melon oolong and momo. I can’t wait to turn them into iced teas!

I think I could’ve easily spent a few more hours in the store. And probably spent most of my paycheck. :O

On the drive home, we stopped for soft-serve at Fosters Freeze. Ice cream on a rainy chilly day – does this only happen in California? I doubt it, but it seems like such a natural thing to do.

Picture perfect vanilla cone. It soothed my throat and made me wish it was a hot sunny day that I could spend with my friends outdoors, by the beach! Funny how food can do that to me. So can music.

It was an excellent Saturday!