El Rodeo

Perfect meal at El Rodeo in Palm Desert. After a hot day visiting Living Desert we found this little place on Yelp. Best surprise visit.

Super fresh salsa and chips. A spicy refreshing chavela to wash the chips down and my taco plate was excellent.

I wish they weren’t almost two hours away!



Feast, Family & Friends

Two feasts for the very same reason.. to get together with friends and family and eat really good food. We live such busy lives that taking time to sit down and reconnect is very important to me. Especially now, with families growing bigger.

Jeanette gave birth the morning after our Cornucopian Dinner! Talk about good food. The baby – Jackson – just couldn’t wait any longer. He arrived healthy and surrounded by people that fell in love with him instantly. Not long after, our friend Melissa gave birth to Abraham! Babies galore I tell ya.

Our Thanksgiving feast was perfect. We didn’t overdo it like we are infamous for. Sammi made two standout desserts and the turkey was deliciously moist and seasoned. The wine was flowing and the conversations were all over the place. We laughed a lot and RJ entertained us endlessly.


Umami Burger – Anaheim

After a long day at Disneyland, we went to Umami Burger for dinner. Unfortunately for us, there was the Anaheim Halloween parade going on so a bunch of side streets were closed. We had to park a few blocks away from the restaurant and walk there, but it wasn’t so bad. We actually scored a table on their patio which had a good view of the – rather weak and boring – parade.

I went with the Port-Stilton burger, Kim had the house burger and Ron had something called the Welsh Rabbit – it was beef, not rabbit. Kim and I both enjoyed our burgers, but Ron said his was lacking cheese sauce. Bummer because that’s the main reason why he ordered it.

an update

Yesterday I had a lovely meal with my sister and Julie at True Food Kitchen. Turkey bolognese. Dang it was good. The turkey burger Julie had was yum and so were Kim’s albacore sliders. I want a TFK near me!!

Last week, after a spur of the moment trip to Ikea, I redeemed my bogo coupon for soft serve. Ikea family first time user perk!


I’ve been bad at updating this food blog which gives me a bit of guilt because it’s kinda like neglecting a pet (project). I’m gonna try to get better with these mobile posts.