Hello out there!

I’ve neglected this blog for over six months. This is mostly due to the facts that I’m rarely sitting at my computer at home and I post everything to instagram now.

My goal is to write and shoot again… I’m also hoping WordPress updates their app to make it easier to bulk upload images to a post rather than 1 by 1 imports. Take a cue from Tumblr app?

Here’s 1 photo from my meal at La Sirena Grill with my BFF and her family yesterday.


Sweet corn tamale with duck. Really tasty!!


forelle pears



I bought a bunch of forelle pears at Super King. I had never seen them before but thought I’d give them a try because they’re the perfect size for snacking. I had one a day after purchasing and it was sweet, but the texture was too hard. After about 4 days in a fruit basket, they were perfect. The pear was softer, sweet, and super easy to eat. I love them! I have to go back and buy more if they’ve got any.

Stone Brewing Co. Bistro


Dinner at Stone Brewing Co.’s Bistro

House made pretzels with spicy mustard and a sauce that tasted like taco seasoned cheese for dipping.

I’m a beer drinking novice at best. When I found out we were eating at a brewery I decided I’d make the most of it. After looking at the beer menu I decided to go with a flight of their housemades. Out of the four, I enjoyed the pale ale most. Smoked porter is not my bag and the IPA and AB left me wishing to swallow syrup. The bitterness is something I haven’t learned to enjoy, but a friend suggested drinking more to associate the bitterness with the pleasure of how it’ll make me feel!


Snappy spicy sausage! So good! Everyone else enjoyed their meals. Duck tacos. Tilapia. Jidori chicken. Ribs. Generous portions and great flavors.

Amazing desserts. Lemon & thyme creme brûlée. Chocolate log & coconut sorbet. I can’t remember the exact name but it was decadent.

Feast, Family & Friends

Two feasts for the very same reason.. to get together with friends and family and eat really good food. We live such busy lives that taking time to sit down and reconnect is very important to me. Especially now, with families growing bigger.

Jeanette gave birth the morning after our Cornucopian Dinner! Talk about good food. The baby – Jackson – just couldn’t wait any longer. He arrived healthy and surrounded by people that fell in love with him instantly. Not long after, our friend Melissa gave birth to Abraham! Babies galore I tell ya.

Our Thanksgiving feast was perfect. We didn’t overdo it like we are infamous for. Sammi made two standout desserts and the turkey was deliciously moist and seasoned. The wine was flowing and the conversations were all over the place. We laughed a lot and RJ entertained us endlessly.