the strand house – manhattan beach

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breakfast again

Toasted peanut butter and mango jelly sandwich with orange juice. It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to document what I eat. Usually I’m eating quickly to just get something in my stomach, but I rediscovered the joys of cooking and taking time to enjoy food once again this weekend.

I’ve been kept busy looking after a 4 month old puppy, so that subtracts from the amount of time I can spend experimenting in the kitchen. She seems to have gotten used to sitting around watching me perform menial tasks so, I’m hoping this means more baking soon. I’d like to try baking bread. Yeast, frankly, scares me.

angkor wat sunrise

We decided late last night that we were going to do the Angkor Wat sunrise. Our hotel was to prepare breakfast for us and deliver to our rooms at 4:45am.

We went to sleep early and I kept waking throughout the night.


3:30am – I thought, okay, one more hour of sleep. Phew…

Woke again and looked at the clock. 5:15am. I exclaimed “OH MY GOSH!” and woke LL up who was tucked away in her bed sleeping soundly. I said we were late. We hurriedly got ready. She ran out to the front to see if our tuk tuk driver was there and I inquired about our breakfasts at the front desk. The man there held up a plastic bag full of food and I didn’t even bother questioning him. I ran outside with our food and met up with LL. Our tuk tuk guide was there, waiting, in the dark, still smiling. The nicest man I met during our entire trip, Meng Hean. I will never forget him.

He drove us as quickly as possible to Angkor Wat and we didn’t miss the sunrise. It was beautiful.

And we also ate our breakfast.

ll’s nara breakfast

Headed to Nara on an almost empty bullet train. We reached the last stop and realised we had gone in the wrong direction. During the entire ride, we enjoyed a very nice breakfast purchased from Gourmet City (became our go-to shop for easy food). LL had a green tea latte, sandwich, pudding and some shiso ume rice balls. Biggest breakfast she’d had the entire trip. I enjoyed my pb sandwich with veggie/fruit juice. Not pictured, but we had such a nice train ride to Nara.

breakfast + work

Landed a new freelance job designing an ad for AOC. Felt so good to sketch out ideas, brainstorm. I forget how much I actually enjoy those things. Worked for a few hours and realised I didn’t have breakfast yet. Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with 2% milk. I was afraid of the milk, being mildly intolerant of lactose, but nothing happened thank goodness. I was a bit disappointed with the HBOO though. I don’t remember the flakes being so thin which leads to them becoming instantly mushy when immersed in milk.

breakfast in a new home

Kim and Ron are moving in to their new house. We had a slumber party and the next morning, Kim made a giant pot of oatmeal. I usually eat instant oatmeal. Quaker Oats natural something or another. Honey almond. Sometimes, I go even cheaper with Quaker Oats, apple and cinnamon sometimes. But, when I make oatmeal, I use soy milk. I don’t make it using water. Kim made it with water because she said it’s faster. So, as I’m stirring the oatmeal, all I can think of is prison food. Or army gruel. I keep saying, “Wow, this is a lot of oatmeal.” And she says, “I eat a lot.” And I’m thinking there’s no way we can eat all of this.

She puts a small ladle full in my bowl and I think, oh I can have more.. so I put another. I end up just eating about 10 spoonfuls and I was done for. Even with the added condensed milk it was too oat-meal-y for me.

Later that day, we went to get gelato at our new favourite place, Nanas Gelateria. It’s very  very dangerous that this place is less than 5 minutes from their new house because I have a feeling we will develop an unhealthy addiction (wait, we already have).

This gelato is so flavourful. And the perfect consistency. Who would’ve known you could find authentic delicious gelato in Azusa!!

I had pistachio and they shared a double of pistachio and Ferrero Rocher. SO. DELICIOUS.

summer day eats

I’ve been waking up insanely early lately. 6am and my eyes are wide open. I force myself back to sleep before starting the day with whatever comes my way. Today, was beach day. Jeanette’s first season back in the water. Very exciting! Honey toast – the traditional kind for breakfast…

While we were at the beach, Kim and Ron prepared delicious chicken fajitas for us. Every year, we seem to get better and better at our beach outings. More prepared, and more stuff – but we forgot matches. Luckily, we were able to obtain some from nearby beachgoers.

The water was rough and the shores way too crowded to board for very long. I still felt nice to have gotten into the water with Jeanette. It has been two years! Amazing… the girl’s still got the moves. 😀

The Iggys brought us Hawaiian goods from Maui. I’m kind of interested in the pancakes, but mostly not. Hahaa! I think the family will enjoy them for sure. I need to go buy myself a big sugar pot to make some vanilla bean sugar with the pods that we received… Mmmm!

I was on my own for dinner, so leftovers it was. Pasta with turkey and tomato sauce, and the rest of my rosemary bread with more pesto. I am such a creature of habit.