Two Braeburn apples were sitting in the fruit basket so I decided to bake apple muffins. I have to say, using the iPad as my recipe book is much easier than jotting recipes down haphazardly on a note card and trying to dig them back up when I actually want to put them to good use!

I didn’t have any yogurt in the fridge, so I dumped half a cup of almond milk into the mixture. I’m definitely not an improviser when it comes to baking – I am aware of the subtle changes a complete swap of ingredients can make – so I was hesitant but at the same time, indifferent to what may have happened since this was such a spur of the moment idea.

Popped the muffins into the oven – produced about 6 more than usual – and hoped for the best.

Picked up these bright and lovely cupcake liners from Sweet LuLu. I can’t wait to bake cupcakes tomorrow and use these again. They’re fun and make the muffins/cupcakes look even better.

Muffins came out smelling delicious. Texture is great.. the almond milk was fine! What a great success in improvisation!



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