We had a mini sushi night. Spicy tuna handrolls, salmon sashimi and uni. Delicious spread. I enjoy having sushi night at home because it really is quite easy to prepare. As long as you know what you’re getting yourself into when you visit the fish market. There are so many choices. We went with our favourites.

Store bought uni did not disappoint. With just three of us, we were able to each enjoy quite a bit of sweet delicately oceany sea urchin roe. I swear, that stuff is ocean butter.

During my stay in Taiwan, I ate a lot of okra. We had it every time we ate at Sushi Express. I decided to make it at home – it was easy. Blanche the okra, let cool, dip in soy sauce with or without wasabi and enjoy the gooey sliminess of it all. I had to force my mom to try one – I think I’m alone in my taste for these things.



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