Thanksgiving can be stressful. Especially if you’re hosting it at your house. Luckily, this year, we went to Connie’s and she prepared a delicious spread for us.  Ron made a fried turkey, Connie made a roasted turkey, my mom made a ham, Kim and I prepared our sides – scalloped potatoes, candied walnut salad, and caramelised carrots. We had an amazing spinach dip made by Vanessa, and candied yams by Theresa. Everything was good and filling and by dessert, I was completely stuffed.

Of course, I couldn’t pass up having the caramel apple dessert that Kim made though..

Who would’ve known such a simple dessert could produce such pleasure for my palate!

We had a great night, it was awesome to be with family – enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories and laughing and reveling in the delight that is my nephew, RJ. I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by people I love.



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