2nd annual cornucopian event

For our annual cornucopian event, I made carmelised carrots, cheesey bacon biscuits and roasted beets. Let me tell ya, it’s all really easy. Carrots cook in a large sauce pan with butter and brown sugar – I threw in some thyme since I still had a bunch from the turkey meatballs. Cooked carrots until they were tender and that was that. I thought I was going to have to put them in the oven, but this was simple and achieved desired results.

The cheesey bacon biscuits were store bought Pillsbury Grands, topped with center cut bacon and a tri-blend of cheddars. 18 minutes in the oven and out popped delicious cheesey golden biscuits.

The biscuits were MASSIVE. I think they would taste best right out of the oven, but unfortunately we had to reheat ours for guests. Next time, on the spot baking!

Jeanette & William brought the prettiest appetizers. Tiny potatoes topped with a dill sour cream, bacon, more dill and grated parmesan! Tasty!

The spread: green bean casserole, Lovelyn’s amazing candied walnut salad,  beets, carrots, turkey (fried – yeah!), stuffing, broccoli (cheese webs!), scalloped potatoes, cranberry bread and biscuits!

Can’t forget Julie’s gnocchi minestrone soup. I think I have a whole pot promised to me for Christmas… 🙂

Everything was delicious, company was great and overall the night ended with us happy and stuffed to the gills!



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