Boiling Crab

For RJ’s 3-month celebration, we went to Boiling Crab. That place turns me into a stinking garlic afterwards, but it’s worth it. We had shrimp and crawfish, battered catfish and cajun fries. Nothing like sucking on some shellfish to commemorate RJ’s third month on this planet. He slept the entire time we were there, good little baby. This time, I enjoyed the crawfish much more than the shrimp.

I have to admit, peeling and cracking these critters  can be pretty gnarly. Digging into those steaming hot bags, pulling out a shrimp, taking its head off, licking garlicky buttery juice from my fingers.. it becomes sort of ritualistic. It’s a lot of work for very little in the end, but the messy process makes it that much more enjoyable, especially when shared with others.





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