beautiful fruits

Beautiful fruits. Figs, pineapples, mangosteens and lychee. I mean, look at those fresh black mission figs that were plucked from a tree in my neighbour’s backyard. They’re gorgeous. Fleshy and moist and absolutely terrifying if you think of how their interiors looking like the mouth of some awful alien with rows and rows of pointy teeth! At least, this is exactly what my six year-old self thought when eating the figs that were growing in my grandparents’ backyard. I remember seeing bowls filled to the brim with figs. I’d squeeze them until the skin split and I’d press the fruit into my mouth and sort of suck the meat out. Sweet juicy goodness. The way fresh figs taste is so different from their dehydrated counterparts. The sweetness is not cloying and there’s such a soft fragrance to the fruits. Absolutely love them.



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