Kim and Ron took me a Mexican restaurant I had not tried before. Fonda Don Chon. When she first told me we were going there, I thought.. uh.. Japanese? What’s it mean?? The place isn’t very big and there were people waiting already. I thought okay this place has to be legit.


We’re seated shortly and served up some chips and salsa. Salsa was nice – spicy and flavorful. I had to take it easy on the salsa because of my recent stomach woes, but next time, I’m chowing down.

Ron took a quick look at the menu and decided to go with a burrito with carne asada. I looked at the menu, studied it, memorised it, and still didn’t know what I wanted. I finally decided on the shrimp. Kim went with a fish taco and shrimp taco combo.

The food was good. Filling, and I will probably eat there again because it is good. Next time though, I’m gonna venture into burritoland because Ron’s was awesome. Meat was well seasoned, the red sauce was awesome – usually I cringe when I see wet burritos because they’re covered with some tasteless sauce, but this was good. It’s been a Mexican food month for sure.








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