Parkway Grill

Mom chose Parkway Grill for dinner, so we made the trip out to Pasadena and had a lovely early dinner there.

The interior felt comfortable and elegant without being stuffy. We were seated under a skylight which was really nice and helped when I was taking photos. Our waitress was nice and service was attentive and quick.

I started with their lime basil martini. Needless to say, it knocked me on my butt. Tasty and strong. Not weak like the tamarindo martini I had at Sevilla.

Flatbread with pears, walnuts and cambozola cheese. Warm and yummy. I’m not a walnut fan, so I had to pick them off my second piece, but the warm cheese was so good.

Kim ordered the Chilean sea bass special with a sweet pea risotto. That dish was amazing. Buttery flaky fish and that risotto (sans peas) was so rich and delicious. I’m slowly realising what a big fan of risotto I am. Well done risotto, not the gunky gooey stuff that so many places serve.

Mom, dad and Ron all went for the other special of the night – the prime rib. The consensus was that it was almost overcooked, but still tender and tastefully done.

I went with the braised short rib. Bye bye pine nuts, you make me have a bad reaction, but other than that, the meat fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. So very good. I was hesitant to share, but I had to let the others try how great it was.

We didn’t skimp on desserts. Buttermilk panna cotta, chocolate lava cake, bread pudding and a creme brulee napoleon. Decadence!

It’s so good to celebrate with an amazing meal now and again. Happy mother’s day… ❤



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