The “original” group got together Saturday evening for tapas at Sevilla in Long Beach. We were seated in the dimly lit dining room and given menus. We took a while choosing our drinks, I went with a tamarindo margarita. Service was on the slower side, but it gave us time to look over the menu. We stared at the lists of tapas and I started to feel overwhelmed. When presented with a lot of choices, I tend to shut down. What would be the best way to do this? Our waitress suggested their platters, so we went with those. We went with their olive and white loaves served with aioli and a tomato sauce, seafood paella and their garlic mashed potatoes.

Julie’s Disaronno with 7-up. Tastiest drink of the night.

When the food arrived, everyone was able to sample a little bit of everything. There were potatoes, shrimp, sausages, tiny lamb chops on a bed of the most giant beans I’ve ever seen, short rib topped with amazing chimichurri, and meatballs with loads of caramelised onions.

For dessert, I chose the crema catalana and a cappuccino. I had to prepare myself for Fast Five – the first of the series I had ever watched! I think I may just have to watch the two Jeanette recommended just to get the back story…. 😛



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