Julie brought goodies back from Italy! Basil olive oil, rosemary olive oil, and a jar of delectable truffles and olives and mushrooms. Plus, a tiny Pinocchio. Food gifts are probably among my top favourites. 🙂

Homegrown cilantro. So fragrant and delicious. We used it on our pizza and make a cilantro ranch dressing that was quite tasty.

BBQ chicken pizza. Baked on a pizza stone. TJ’s garlic and herb dough – this dough has given me problems in the past. I don’t think I’ll use it again. I baked it for 4 minutes prior to putting on the toppings. After topping it, we baked it for another ten minutes and the dough was still raw. Very disappointing. Had to bake it for another five minutes. I’m going to definitely have to try my hand at making homemade dough even though the thought of utilising yeast scares me.



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