cake pops & sushi (!?!)

Dear readers..

Cake  pops are not easy to make. Or rather, perfectly spherical non-lumpy cake pops are not easy to make. Mine turned out to be lumpy alien eggs. I should’ve turned them into Lumpy Space Princess pops. My first attempt at cake pops resulted in better looking ones, but this time, I was impatient. I rolled about 2″ diameter balls… (-_-)

WHAT! I just Googled that and found this:

Hilarious. Mine, weren’t that lumpy, but, that would’ve been cute. I’m determined to make more and make them better. In fact, I need to experiment with flavours. I defaulted to chocolate because I was apprehensive.. no more. Next time, I go wild!

As for our sushi feast… we started cooking Sunday morning, prepping all things sushi and katsu.

Ron was assigned sushi roller. And he does it better than anyone I know. Very proud of my skilled brother-in-law.

The spread – Japanese curry with fries and onion rings, chicken katsu, fried fish, pickled turnips and cucumbers, cucumber and seaweed salad, nigiri, ebi, sashimi, California rolls and spicy tuna for hand rolls. Yes. We feasted. And due to the time change + massive amounts of food, we were all ready to nap afterwards.


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