breakfast again

Toasted peanut butter and mango jelly sandwich with orange juice. It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to document what I eat. Usually I’m eating quickly to just get something in my stomach, but I rediscovered the joys of cooking and taking time to enjoy food once again this weekend.

I’ve been kept busy looking after a 4 month old puppy, so that subtracts from the amount of time I can spend experimenting in the kitchen. She seems to have gotten used to sitting around watching me perform menial tasks so, I’m hoping this means more baking soon. I’d like to try baking bread. Yeast, frankly, scares me.


One thought on “breakfast again

  1. Yeast scares me a bit as well. I’ve managed to make cinnamon rolls, but I’m tempted to do more like doughnuts and pizza crust. Frightening!

    I’m always a fan of people documenting their meals 😉
    Mango jelly sounds amazing!


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