eatin’ with the iggys

Delicious snacks from William’s recent Asian excursion. From left to right: crab pretz, Peking duck pretz and larb pretz. My favourite? Larb. I want to go back to Asia and eat/buy/horde more of the funky snacks that I miss so much.

Sat down with some refreshments while William made pizzas. One margherita and the other, chili! I was excited… homemade pizza is so good.

Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. How can this trio of flavours be anything but amazing?

Pizzas on the grill. I love the bubbly bulbous crust on the chili pizza.

Not only did I enjoy lunch with the Iggys, I was treated to a delicious dinner of fried risotto balls. WHAT! Saffron risotto stuffed with beef and mozz, crusted with panko and then FRIED. Oh, decadent deliciousness.

The homemade marinara? So very tasty. Had all the flavours a good marinara should have. Wanted to eat more and more, but really after the third ball, I was done for. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach.



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