they draw and cook

While I was traveling, I received good news. A drawing of mine was selected to be published in a book by They Draw & Cook. I am very excited and happy to be participating in a project full of amazing artists and run by two very kind and talented people – Nate and Salli.

Emily told me about this drawing contest a week or two before the deadline.  I had to come up with something very quickly as I was leaving for Taipei soon. I drew one of my favourite recipe: spicy tuna. After working the drawings into Illustrator and some tweaking of colours, I submitted my drawing for review.

I visited TDAC every day to view the awesome art of so many different artists. All over the world. I was so impressed with the skills and creativity featured in each recipe. I also bookmarked a few to try when I have some free time!

Here’s Emily’s post about my drawing: Eat! Your Best Friends

I’m very fortunate to have friends and family supporting my creative and culinary endeavours – they’re not only willing to help in the kitchen, but also taste what I have to make! 🙂 I cannot wait to see the book!



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