angkor wat sunrise

We decided late last night that we were going to do the Angkor Wat sunrise. Our hotel was to prepare breakfast for us and deliver to our rooms at 4:45am.

We went to sleep early and I kept waking throughout the night.


3:30am – I thought, okay, one more hour of sleep. Phew…

Woke again and looked at the clock. 5:15am. I exclaimed “OH MY GOSH!” and woke LL up who was tucked away in her bed sleeping soundly. I said we were late. We hurriedly got ready. She ran out to the front to see if our tuk tuk driver was there and I inquired about our breakfasts at the front desk. The man there held up a plastic bag full of food and I didn’t even bother questioning him. I ran outside with our food and met up with LL. Our tuk tuk guide was there, waiting, in the dark, still smiling. The nicest man I met during our entire trip, Meng Hean. I will never forget him.

He drove us as quickly as possible to Angkor Wat and we didn’t miss the sunrise. It was beautiful.

And we also ate our breakfast.



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