osaka – nakau

Navigating our way through Japan presented a couple of challenges:

1. Neither of us could read or speak Japanese.

2. Most of the people we encountered spoke English, but didn’t exactly give us the best directions.

Despite these trials, we were triumphant. We found our way in and out of Osaka, we familiarised ourselves with the alleys around our hotel and we found one of our favourite places to eat.. Nakau – a Yoshinoya type joint but WAY BETTER.

LL ordered udon and a veggie donburi. Ordering our food was interesting. We entered the restaurant and sat down at the bar. We  looked around and then a woman came up to us and pointed behind me. I looked and saw this machine that resembled a vending machine – photos of food and prices listed with buttons next to them. LIGHBULB! Order food from machine, hand ticket to waitress, get food, eat! What a novel idea.

I had a beef bowl with lots of pickled ginger, miso soup and a small salad. All of this was less than $8. I was very happy with our choice.



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