7-layer bean dip

7-layer bean dip reminds me of my birthday parties. It reminds me of getting so excited to see all of my friends at my house, my mom in the kitchen with her apron – it had big blue, yellow and green flowers with blue trim – and she’d be making all of my favourite things, which included 7-layer bean dip. I would watch her spread the refried beans on the bottom of the glass dish, then add guacamole, sour cream.. at that point, I was already to dip my chips into the mix. We’d have to wait for it to chill, wait til all the guests arrived, and by then, I would forget about the bean dip. By the time I would remember, the layers would be mixed from guests scooping out sections, the guacamole wouldn’t be as vibrant, but I’d still put a scoop onto a little plate, grab some tortilla chips and savour the taste that only 7-layer bean dip could provide. Sometimes, I’d even use my Doritos! Such. A. Good. Idea.



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