sushi gen

My aunt Alice decided that we should eat at Sushi Gen today and so we arrived at the restaurant about twenty minutes before they opened. A group of people were already waiting as we approached SG. I was thinking, really?? It’s not just hyped up? I’ve eaten at Sushi Gen on several occasions and yes, they’re always packed, but I just never thought that on a Monday afternoon there’d be a half hour wait for lunch! And, there are people who do WAIT!

Everyone, save for my grandma who had the salmon collar, ordered the sashimi lunch. Miso soup, sunomono, tofu and a big plate of sashimi all for $15. WHAT! There was so much food.. toro, hamachi, snapper, cooked salmon, two kinds of mixed tuna, tako, ika, marinated and cooked tuna… it was all delicious and I am definitely going to go back soon. Because, what a deal this food is. I highly suggest going before they open and waiting because I despise waiting for people to finish their food while I’m standing around with a stomach growling.


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