sushi night chez kim and ron!

Kim and Ron invited the Iggys over for dinner and Kim decided she was craving sushi. We visited the nearest Marukai for the fixin’s.

I ended up making spicy tuna which turned out pretty good this time using tuna that was cut up for poke. I usually buy the really good tuna and Kim said, “You’re using it for spicy tuna!!” Oh. Yes. It makes sense to be more economical. Sheesh. We also bought salmon, hamachi, uni, shrimp (a ton of shrimp) and Kim made little chicken nuggets. Not to be left out, Mama Iggy’s pickles. Special delivery from William. I think I ate about 80% of what they brought over and I still wanted more the next day. Why am I such a freak for pickles?

Completely gorged myself on handrolls and nuggets and drink and good company. Seriously.. sushi night is so fun and delicious. We must have this more often!

Jeanette.. is now the master of the macaron. She brought over her petite macarons and we filled them with Nutella. WHAT A COMBO. The texture, the shape, the look.. everything was right. I’m very excited to see the macarons being made! Now.. to search for powdered food colouring..



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