breakfast in a new home

Kim and Ron are moving in to their new house. We had a slumber party and the next morning, Kim made a giant pot of oatmeal. I usually eat instant oatmeal. Quaker Oats natural something or another. Honey almond. Sometimes, I go even cheaper with Quaker Oats, apple and cinnamon sometimes. But, when I make oatmeal, I use soy milk. I don’t make it using water. Kim made it with water because she said it’s faster. So, as I’m stirring the oatmeal, all I can think of is prison food. Or army gruel. I keep saying, “Wow, this is a lot of oatmeal.” And she says, “I eat a lot.” And I’m thinking there’s no way we can eat all of this.

She puts a small ladle full in my bowl and I think, oh I can have more.. so I put another. I end up just eating about 10 spoonfuls and I was done for. Even with the added condensed milk it was too oat-meal-y for me.

Later that day, we went to get gelato at our new favourite place, Nanas Gelateria. It’s very  very dangerous that this place is less than 5 minutes from their new house because I have a feeling we will develop an unhealthy addiction (wait, we already have).

This gelato is so flavourful. And the perfect consistency. Who would’ve known you could find authentic delicious gelato in Azusa!!

I had pistachio and they shared a double of pistachio and Ferrero Rocher. SO. DELICIOUS.



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