jeanette’s birthday bash at XIV

We had the pleasure of celebrating Jeanette’s birthday at XIV. My first impression of the restaurant was, oh my, swanky. Inside the dimly lit interior, mismatched chairs, lush curtains and large gilded mirrors evoke feelings of 18th century France – if you use your imagination and have a few drinks.

The first dish to hit the table was a bread plate.

Flatbread with a yogurt dip. I wasn’t a fan. The dip was bland and lacking in any sort of depth of flavour and the pita bread was sort of thrown onto the plate without any seasoning. Nothing special and frankly, disappointing.

A range of appetizers were ordered, and amongst them all, I decided I liked the shrimp cocktail the best. I didn’t try the scallops, but heard they were less than amazing. The “chicken nuggets” were questionable, but Q and Nino thought they were delicious! The trio of fries was a big disappointment to me because execution was mediocre. The sauces were generic and the fries themselves were anti-climactic.

The bar redeems the restaurant. Basil gimlet, I love you. Perfect combination of lime, gin, basil and that jalapeno slice added just enough of a kick to it. Sugar rimmed glass… perfect combination of flavours.

I had the filet which was perfectly cooked. The asparagus could’ve been seasoned, but the corn was really good. Good thing I learned how to cut it off the cob from William because I would’ve been chomping on the cob with kernels stuck in my teeth. We ordered all of the sides on the menu to share amongst the table. My favourite was the potato & green onion puree. So creamy and rich. Everything that we had – sides and entrees – was good. Everyone was really happy with their meals and I had a ton of fun with everyone.

William brought a delicious Boston Cream Torte from Torrance bakery and we had that for dessert. Delicious way to end the night. Always so good to get together with this group..



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