prizzi’s piazza

I received an email from Ron suggesting we try this place out – Prizzi’s Piazza serving Sicilian style deep dish pizza. Prizzi’s is in the Franklin Village of Los Angeles which means parking will be difficult to find. We drove around the block three times before finding a spot a couple streets away. Didn’t matter to us to walk, because we were able to check out the beautiful Craftsman homes lining both sides of the street. Now.. those are houses with character.

Small restaurant, but at 5pm, they already had quite a few patrons. We were seated inside to avoid inhaling second-hand smoke and also because I like air-conditioning, and not having to swat at flies and smell exhaust while eating. After looking at the menu for a while, we decided on what we were having and gave the waiter our order.

First came the garlic breadsticks.

Super cheesey and smothered in butter. They were very soft and doughy and perfect with their marinara sauce. After eating one whole breadstick, I was 80% full.

Then came our deep dish pizza. We ordered the veggie one with additions – pepperoni and goat cheese. HA! What a great combo. We had eggplant, carmelised onions and mushrooms inside the pizza along with our carnivorous needs met on top. The pizza probably weighed 8 lbs?? Goodness gracious. Halfway through my slice I decided that I was definitely going to have dessert. Plate after plate of sweet gooey goodness passed through my view. How I could think about dessert after having a hunk of pizza that large is a mystery or really a digestive feat.

From their zeppolis to creme brulee, I was unable to choose so Kim went with the brownie con panna. It was made to look like a face, so we think and it was creeping me out. Thin layer of Nutella on top… fresh cream on the side topped with vanilla iced cream. OH. Man. So good.


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