kitchen cohorts

Jeanette and I attempted the infamous macarons. This puts my attempts at SIX! And, we’re still not close to giving up.

Almond flour at Whole Foods. Finally. I could only find almond meal at TJ’s, and it included skins. Boo. Whole Foods surprised me. They had quite a selection of interesting cheeses,salts, and cured meats. I suppose I never really perused the store because I was a broke college student when I lived near one.

One of the most frustrating things about making these French macarons is the ingredients are so simple. Egg whites, confectioner’s sugar, almond flour and cane sugar. However, the process is trickier than we think – every single time. We whip eggs, make them frothy, add sugar, make them stiff. The first batch, we whipped the egg whites until they resembled a stiff meringue. Folded ingredients in and piped them out onto baking sheet.

We followed Gail Gand’s recipe this time. And she said to make “kisses”. I let Jeanette have at the pastry bag because it is my sworn enemy. She did an awesome job as you can see.

As the macarons were baking, we goofed off on Facebook, played with Mia and continually checked the oven. We were getting excited because they appeared to be macarons! 17 minutes took a long time. When we finally pulled them out, we noticed some of the tops were cracked, but they looked shiny and smooth and round! Pillows!!

Our impatience led us to try some right away and we discovered the insides were hollow. HOLLOW!! What did we do wrong? The texture was good. Crispy shell and chewy innards – as little as they were. Super sweet though..

We added some strawberry preserves and it was way too sweet, so we decided on the second batch, we’d cut sugar, add more almond flour and try that combo.

The second batch came out with more substance, but lacked the smooth crispy shell. At that point, I was ready to toss my kitchen mittens in, because I was stumped. However, this isn’t going to deter us from trying again. We’ve got some kind of formula now. And if anyone reading this has a foolproof way of making these macarons, please let me know. I’m begging you!!



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