fishy dinner

The Iggys always take such good care of my stomach when I visit. I had a delicious dinner.

For appetizers:

Mini toasts with smoked gouda dip. While shopping at Whole Foods for the almond flour, I got severely sidetracked at the cheese section. We saw a table with a couple of containers and a tray of mini toasts. I looked at it and the little sign said “smoked gouda dip” I decided to brave the dangers of sample foods and had a bite. I told Jeanette if I got sick she’d know why. I thought it was tasty! Shredded smoked gouda with scallions, cilantro and spices that made it taste like pico de gallo. Perfect little appetizer before dinner.

William broiled the black cod filets Jeanette brought home. They were supposed to be coconut crusted Thai curry filets, but honestly, we couldn’t taste the curry or coconut. We had to add salt to give it any semblance of flavour. Whoever put together that combo at WF needs to work on it a bit. William also made a garlic onion lemongrass risotto which I had TWO servings of. Goodness. After the meal, I honestly felt like I was a beach ball. Everything was yummy and I am so grateful for my friends.



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