summer day eats

I’ve been waking up insanely early lately. 6am and my eyes are wide open. I force myself back to sleep before starting the day with whatever comes my way. Today, was beach day. Jeanette’s first season back in the water. Very exciting! Honey toast – the traditional kind for breakfast…

While we were at the beach, Kim and Ron prepared delicious chicken fajitas for us. Every year, we seem to get better and better at our beach outings. More prepared, and more stuff – but we forgot matches. Luckily, we were able to obtain some from nearby beachgoers.

The water was rough and the shores way too crowded to board for very long. I still felt nice to have gotten into the water with Jeanette. It has been two years! Amazing… the girl’s still got the moves. 😀

The Iggys brought us Hawaiian goods from Maui. I’m kind of interested in the pancakes, but mostly not. Hahaa! I think the family will enjoy them for sure. I need to go buy myself a big sugar pot to make some vanilla bean sugar with the pods that we received… Mmmm!

I was on my own for dinner, so leftovers it was. Pasta with turkey and tomato sauce, and the rest of my rosemary bread with more pesto. I am such a creature of habit.



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