the original pancake house, las vegas

This weekend was full of insane eats. I think I ate enough calories for the entire month, which of course my doctor wouldn’t be happy about but.. let’s just keep this between us.

I’m often skeptical about restaurants that have the word “original” in their name. Because who and what could really be classified as original? I had heard about this restaurant – mixed reviews, but Kim decided that would be our second day breakfast.

Biggest omelette known to mankind? Baked omelette filled with meats and cheeses and who knows what else. It’s enough to feed a family of four for sure.

We also shared these things. I forget what they’re called, but they could be called Things because they were huge and smothered in a sherry mushroom sauce and served with German potatoes (not the best potatoes I’ve ever had), potato pancakes and apple sauce. The muffins topped with sausage and a poached egg were good. I am not a fan of poached eggs – why do I never learn my lesson! The potato pancakes were eaten improperly at first. I had mine with ketchup and Kim had hers with syrup. It wasn’t until the end of the meal, when I sampled their apple sauce that I thought to eat it with the potato pancake and then my favourite new breakfast item happened. Potato pancake with chilly chunky apple sauce. Delicious!



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