try it at least, TWICE

me: “I’m going to make the chicken and apple sausages.”

sammi: “EWW! I don’t like apples.”

me: “YOU don’t like APPLES?!”

sammi: “Well, I don’t like apples IN things.”

me: “But you’ve never even tried it, don’t say you don’t like something until you’ve tried it, at least TWICE!”

She makes a face  because she thinks I cannot see her, but all adults who have taken care of children have eyes in the back of their heads. I pull out 1 sausage and put it in the pan, she looks over and I tell her to grab a Ziplock to put the rest away, she grabs one and before I can put the pack away, Sammi says, “Okay I’ll try one.”

A little conversation about food can open someone’s mind up. Just like with people who adamantly deny trying something just because a family member or friend says it’s not good, but that’s an issue I can’t get into here and now.

We enjoyed our salads and sausages. In the salad, there were julienned beets. I didn’t announce that they were in there, because I wanted Sammi to just eat it without questioning the taste. She was eating her salad when she said, “I just ate something that tasted like a BURNT VEGETABLE!!” I said nothing, and she continued to eat. After a few bites, she said the same thing and I said, “Oh, it might be the beets.” And she responded with, “My grandma likes beets.”




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