life of luxury is costly

Kim says I’m living the life of luxury. Do what I want, go swim, hang out in the sun.. and it is pretty luxurious but the cost of it all has been unemployment for the last 7 months which is really starting to hurt. Looking through job listings lately has resulted in sending out resumes and not hearing a word. Keeping busy, working on a website, and trying to make my portfolio as broad as possible. It seems portfolios have a tendency of locking you into a very small square when in actuality, my range of experience and skills cannot be confined to a resume and portfolio. I’m rambling in my food blog now.

I’ve been picking Sammi up from school and today I had to take her to swim practice. Before we were to leave, I asked if she’d like me to make something for her and she said yes. I went to shower, and when I got out, she had put a pack of spicy udon on the counter and announced that that was what she wanted to eat. She is a true blood relative of mine, for SURE.



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