lentil pea (flavored) chips

I turn into a snack tornado when I step foot into Marukai. No snack is safe.

Dried little crabs? In the basket.

Ume flavored crackers? Two bags please.

Cookies shaped like pandas? Heck, why not.

It’s kind of  sick! I will walk down the aisle dedicated to shoyu and I will read the labels because there are different types. Did you know this? Not just regular and low sodium. But organic, and tamari, and unpasteurised. Nuts. If you want to pickle stuff, there’s a certain kind of soy sauce for that too. Pickling juices. Pickling packets. Pickling powders! The curry section is the same way. Boxes and boxes of curries. Hint of apple. Hint of maple. Spicy. Mild. Medium.

I was looking for some crunchy snacks, when I came upon this bad of lentil pea flavored chips. I thought they looked interesting and lentils are good for you right? The fact that it said “flavored” worried me because I thought they might taste like peas. They don’t. They taste like nothing. Crispy salty nothing. And the chips look nothing like the ones pictures on the bag – with the swirly stuff going on. Nope. They’re kind of like the chips you get with the steamed chicken at Chinese banquets. But they don’t stick to your tongue that way..



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