french macarons? pfffft!

I have attempted to make French macarons three times. The only time they remotely resembled a true macaron was the first time. When LL decided she wanted to come over and try to make them with me, I was doubtful that we’d be successful. She brought ingredients, we chatted and started the batch.

She was whipping the eggs and they were coming out perfectly. Stiff peaks! Something I had done before adding sugar but wasn’t able to get post-sugar. She got the sugar + egg mix to become stiff, we folded in the almond and powdered sugar and got the gooey mess into a Ziploc. Piping these were pretty hilarious. Misshapen circles galore. I noticed the mix looked a bit watery, but so did all of my other ones. Popped them in the oven. Sat down, talked about all kinds of stuff, made chocolate ganache.

Checked the oven. DISASTER. The cookies were all flat. FLAT! And holey. Like those Pepperidge Farm cookies with the chocolate in the middle… what are they called? Brussels! Yes, those kind.

Why are these so hard to make? I honestly think it’s the whipping time. How long does it take to get the eggs to stiffen and then stiffen enough after you add the sugar? Someone needs to give me an EXACT time of how long to do this. And is a hand mixer a sufficient source of energy to make this happen? I just don’t get it.

So we did what normal people would do.. we just dipped the crunchy cookies into the chocolate ganache.



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