You may be thinking to yourself.. she didn’t eat that.

But I did. I ate it. And I didn’t feel ill eating it. Woo! But, I think I will stay away from bananas because 1. too much potassium is not good for you, 2. they make me horribly sleepy, 3. that energy thing is a total myth. I started eating them before yoga and they do nothing but make my mouth feel like goo and render me completely useless after practice. BAH!

Spinach pita-like pizzas from Costco. They’re alright. Not sauce-y, so they were a bit dry. I prefer the real Armenian flat bread pizza things instead. Cucumber salad. Very delicious cucumbers I  might add.


3 thoughts on “boringgggg

  1. I am not a big fan of bananas either. I hate the after taste. I am how ever a big fan of yoga. Where do you take class?

    – @reseactivewear

  2. I go to Purple Yoga.. I checked out the site you listed. Where are you located?


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