egg pan

Kim bought me a tiny little pan for cooking eggs, or maybe you can make tiny pancakes too..

I decided to use it today. I was hoping it’d make an egg similar the ones found in a certain fast food joint’s breakfast muffins, but it wasn’t small or deep enough. I first made an over-easy egg. Then scrambled. And then two over-easies in one. That pan isn’t conducive to sunny-side-up eggs.

The breakfast sandwich was good. My doctor said, “Eat less bread.” Whoops.. I guess I have been consuming a lot of bread lately. Zucchini bread, carrot bread, bread bread. Eesh.

And a salad for lunch with lots of carrots, but I guess I had even more bread. Jalapeno bagel. Fresh pressed apple carrot beet juice. Dang. I guess it’s time for Kettlenetics + walking + yoga + biking + swimming + boogie boarding. (o_o)



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