nature’s elixir

Breakfast: fresh pressed coffee and juice – same as yesterday with added spinach. But when the spinach was put into the juicer, it made an awful racket and I stopped loading the leafy greens. I think this old machine is not too happy with my sudden frequent usage.

Sammi and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jeanette and Mia today. We had ramen at Chin-ma-ya which was super tasty. Tan Tan Men – three big bowls. One for each of us, and some funky karaage. Sammi, true to her nature, ordered shrimp gyoza and had them all save for one which I had to sample.

For dinner.. more.. RAMEN! We went to Tamaya. Kim and I shared the kotteri tonkotsu, Sammi had chicken teriyaki and Ron went for the mabo ramen. Tasty eats. Everyone came home with full bellies.



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