trailblazing and sushi eating

A nice hike through the San Gabriel mountains prepared my appetite for some yummy sushi later on. I did however, smell yummy things while walking that tempted me to want to make friends with the “river people” but thought it best I stay on the trail. Carne asada in the wilderness is pretty great.

Hmm.. what’s Kim Jong-Il doing on that bluefin? And ouch, what happened to his groin??

Oh Yoshida, you are a true delight. Because you are a Japanese operated Japanese restaurant! What a novelty these days..

Our spread consisted of: scallop nigiri, spider roll, salmon skin roll, Jack’s special (spicy tuna + California), albacore and yellowtail nigiri, and we also had 2 oyster shooters each.

Look away oyster haters!! These shooters were chock full of briney, poppy goodness!

HOLY! Those things are so friggin’ delicious. Oyster + sake + roe + quail egg + scallions = FLAVOUR EXPLOSION IN YOUR MOUTH! Mmm.. no wonder Kim was craving them.

After dinner, I was craving ice cream so we went to Fosselman’s and had some interesting flavours..

Rum raisin + burgundy cherry for me. Toasted almond + lavender for Kim. Ron had a little of Kim’s.. he was good. We were bad. The flavours are pretty mild, the ice cream isn’t sweet or gooey like Coldstone’s. And I have to say the lavender was quite good.



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