Finer Things In Life – WHISK(e)Y

Whisky. Or whiskey.



American. Canadian. Irish. Scottish. And.. Japanese??

When I saw the line-up of bottles, I was aware of three things: 1. We are growing in size as far as member numbers go. 2. I was going to be pretty tipsy. 3. We’re a very alcohol friendly group.

Here’s the full listing of what we sampled and my notes:

  • Jack Daniel’s: woody, sharp sourness, mild-ew, dry
  • Southern Comfort: bad caramel, pine, bubble gum notes and cough syrup finish
  • Platte Valley: sweet with soapy notes, oily gasoline
  • Jim Beam: oak, rubbing alcohol
  • Maker’s Mark: woody, creamy, made me sweat
  • Knob Creek: burnt nose hair, swallowed a bonfire (notes are now becoming indicative of my inebriation)
  • Crown Royal: licorice, (drawing of tears springing from eyes), tongue numb, needs a liter of Coke
  • Bushmills Single Malt: sweet with woody hints, fire in the throat
  • Bushmills Blended: woody, mossy, nutty, sharp burn, banana flambe in my nose
  • Jameson’s Blended: glue, rotten citrus, fire esophagus, tip of tongue is  numb, keeps making me cough
  • Greenore Single 8: rotten vanilla, chest is burning
  • Speyburn Single Malt: malty, underground, fire in belly, plastic bag + gasoline
  • Laphroaig Single Malt: Noxema + tar  + burnt wood, frog in a fire, (drawing of skull and crossbones), smoked Noxema band-aid
  • Glenlivet Single Malt 12: oniony, woody, instant 3° burn, cat coughing hairball
  • Suntory Yamazaki: woody, heady, smooth burn, (drawing of man breathing fire), dry

I can’t help but love the fact that I have absolutely no education on tasting whisky/bourbon/scotch, but still have something to say about all the stuff I taste.

Let’s talk food now..

On the menu: bbq ribs with homemade sauce à la William, dry rub ribs, turkey chili, candied yams, meatballs à la recipe from Ron’s mom, cheese ‘n’ crackers, chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate bread pudding with whisky caramel pecan sauce. Mmm, yeah. I tried a little of everything. Had seconds on chili and the yams. Oh man, they were so delicious. I also had a glass of Lisa’s Bourbon Slush which was the first drink I had and it was tasty and turned me into a human furnace!

Me with the bottle of Knob Creek and a delicious yam. Kim with the Platte Valley bottle which was very cool packaging, not great in taste. Neither was Knob Creek though. I have to say, my favourite of all the bottles we tasted was Maker’s Mark, followed by Speyburn Single Malt and then Suntory’s Yamazaki. The worst one, the one that made my mouth taste like I drank a bottle of burnt frog doused with Noxema was Lafroaig Single Malt which my future brother-in-law and sister both liked! WHAT!! Scaryyyyyy…

Jim Beam = pewww!

Suntory Yamazaki = mmm!

All in all, a good night and we definitely had TONS of laughs due to a certain table trying to name countries that started with the letter “b”. Mmmhm… BORNEO!


One thought on “Finer Things In Life – WHISK(e)Y

  1. oh Super-J, i don’t see it there but i recommend giving my favorite a try: Woodford Reserve.


    so much love!
    lil’ j


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