breakfast, herbs and cadbury creme eggs

Birds are building nests under the eave of my window. They woke me this morning, twigs scratching and wings fluttering. I got up, poured myself a bowl of cereal and noticed the invites I designed for my aunt’s birthday party arrived. Now, to actually put everything together and send them away.

Hanging out with Katsu in the backyard, I took some photos of the progress of growth for my herbs. Basil on the left, lavender on the right. Basil’s been eaten by some bugs, and the lavender is growing ever so slowly. I think it’s time to go get some more seeds..

I bought candies for Easter. I don’t usually do anything for Easter, but this year, I decided to make a select few Easter baskets. I bought Cadbury creme eggs and some other candies. When I was a lot younger, I remember receiving these yearly for Easter, and hating the bejesus out of them. I thought the “fondant” filling inside was disgusting. If I remember correctly, it was a lot runnier when I was having them then. I bought them anyway, as they’re kind of a symbol of Easter junk food. I tried one and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. The chocolate isn’t of the best quality, but is much better than a Hershey’s bar which is interesting because I think Hershey’s makes the Cadbury creme egg.. hmm. The yolk inside is still not my favourite, but it’s not too bad. So very very sweet!


One thought on “breakfast, herbs and cadbury creme eggs

  1. i LUV cadbury cream eggs and always have. It’s funny how people either love them or hate them. I just had one today actually!

    (this is Kim’s coworker Martha, btw. She gave me your blog link – it’s really cool! Kim is awesome too!)


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