the subject of today.. being sore

Yesterday, I decided to try Kim’s workout dvd – Kettlenetics. It looked easy enough – swing a “kettlebell” around and do some squats. Jeez.. I was so wrong. After about 15 minutes of working with the bell I wanted to throw it out the window and never look at it again. The workout is intense. I was sweating more than I do in a 103° room holding yoga postures for 60 seconds. And my breathing would’ve given a lifelong smoker a run for their money. Needless to say, during yoga this morning, I was hurting badly. I could barely do the utkatasana series without wanting to scream bloody hell. I made it through the 90 minutes, but I think I’m going to give my body a day to heal tomorrow.

Came home after sitting in traffic and my first thought was food.

I made myself a quick bowl of ramen loaded with seaweed and a poached egg. I forgot, I’m not liking the whole poached egg thing anymore. Dang.

Our fruit basket is filled to the brim with tangerines and oranges. I did it a favour by lessening its load by two. The insides were dry but sweet. I don’t like dry tangerines, skin was so tough! Eww..

We had Ani’s Chicken for dinner. I was halfway into my self-made pita sandwich when I realised I hadn’t taken a picture yet. I snapped the photo and resumed eating!



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