swim meet, spam meat, meet meet

It felt like the crack of dawn when I was reminded that we were to go to Sammi’s swim meet this morning. We drove out to Downey and on our way there, we saw this gem of a McDonald’s. Check out the old logo and the Pillsbury Doughboy/BigBoy lookalike. It’s kind of insane to think about how long Mickey D’s has been around. I have to admit… shamelessly, that I like their McNuggets even though I know they’re made of chicken byproducts. I should care about my body enough to not eat them, but there are moments of weakness in my life where I have to succumb to the need to satisfy this hunger for bad food.

After the swim meet (Sammi did great) we came home to prepare for Kim’s wedding meeting. She fried up SPAM katsu and made musubis – another weakness… pork byproducts! Oh, god.. the vegetarians and health conscious people reading this..

If you don’t know what a musubi is, you must familiarize yourself with one immediately. Unless you’re vegetarian or a SPAM hater. Furikake mixed in with rice, homemade teriyaki sauce, line of Sriracha, spam katsu, more teri and Sriracha, cap it with another block of rice and wrap with seaweed. MUSUBIS ARE THE BEST MEAL TO EAT AFTER SWIMMING OR BEING IN THE OCEAN. Seriously. You cannot beat that. Top it off with a large shave ice – coconut mango for me – and we’re so so good.

Jeanette and Julie came over with snacks, so we sat down to go through Kim’s agenda. We made good time. I think in the three hours that we met, we ate, talked, laughed, and resolved things that were kind of up in the air. We’re all excited and thinking of all kinds of awesome things we can do to make Kim and Ron’s wedding even more spectacular than we already know it will be.



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