beaten, again

I think, I may be a little embarrassed. Three trials of macaron making and still, unsuccessful. The one thing I have got to purchase as soon as possible is a pastry bag. Or the disposable ones. This whole using a plastic bag and cutting off the tip is way too amateur for these cookies.

I followed the exact same ingredients and directions as last night but this time, I was a bit more aware of how the eggs were peaking after the sugar was added. It seems every time, the mix gets super gooey and has that opalescent sheen to it, but once piped, they fall flat and look like coins. Frustration level: HIGH.

The first batch – chocolate were a super disaster. Cracked and no foot. But, they were still chewy. Huge disappointment. And notice the irregular shapes. Talk about ugly. Then, I tried to mess around with food colouring, and well the pink is extremely unappetizing and they got all freckled for some reason. However, that batch was stiffer and when piped, they held their shape a bit better.

In between batches, I had machaca con huevo with some rice and beans. I was famished and I didn’t even realise it!

I know I’m doing something wrong, but I just can’t figure out what. I think the next time Jeanette and I join forces, we will be successful. I’m not giving up yet!!



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