Little Mia is close to being able to have solid foods so Jeanette decided that she would experiment with some baby-friendly recipes. We opened test kitchen to make asparagus puree, brown rice cereal and asparagus risotto. All three dishes are probably okay by babies, but we were kind of baffled by them. Brown rice cereal was basically what we call “jook” or rice porridge. The pulverizing of the rice was a bit traumatic, and took forever. Even after over 5 minutes of pulverizing, there were still broken grains that didn’t end up cooking through when we mixed the rice powder with water. The asparagus puree was easy enough, but I don’t know if Mia will enjoy the stinky smell much! The risotto was also kind of a bust. The conclusion of this test kitchen was: Make jook and puree veggies. 🙂



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