finer things in life club – dessert wines

Last night was the Finer Things In Life Club’s second monthly event featuring DESSERT WINES. We sampled Rieslings, ports and muscats. To snack on – cheese and crackers, homemade salted caramels and fudge, tasty loaves and fresh fruits. I was pretty toasted by the 7th sampling. Everything was pretty easy to drink!! So fun.

William made a toast to Kim and Ron’s engagement and Jeanette and Julie put together a little basket of bridal stuff for Kim. We seriously have the best friends ever. During the tastings, we looked through bridal magazines and Kim picked her colours and decided on what kind of neckline she’d like on her dress. Today, I was invited to help Ron and Kim pick their venue and they decided on the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. The planning is getting underway and it’s exciting to see things coming together. Next… design the invites!!



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