sudden rainshowers

Daily routines are changing. More exercise, more cooking, more time outside. I didn’t even manage to have breakfast this morning, but I went out to run errands and pick up groceries. Came home and baked a Culinary Circle pizza which I shared. This pizza is worth the $5 (on sale). The crust is appropriately crispy but soft inside.

I bought four pizzas and had to remove a shelf in the freezer to fit them all. Ranch for the breadstick-like crust edge and a bottle of IBC cream soda to top it off. So satisfying.

Went outside with Katsu and there was a sudden rainshower. I hid under the umbrella while he ran around and jumped up into the snake pit. Good thing he didn’t venture far and came out as soon as I neared him.

Pickled cucumbers for a snack while I discussed new houses with my dad.

I made the kale and potato soup with bacon that Kimberley posted a couple days ago. It’s so easy and delicious. I’m going to have a bowl of it right now for dinner! Thanks K!


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