I have to admit, missing one week of yoga and going back is tough. I think the medication I’m on is still affecting me somewhat. Today’s practice was bad. I had to sit out for half of the class because I felt so nauseous. I seriously thought I was going to puke after practice ended. My limbs were jelly and I was cold-sweating. Gross. Thankfully, after a shower, and drive home and a nap, I was okay. Hopefully tomorrow is easier. I need to make sure I have enough water and salt in my body the night before.

Lunch was potstickers and noodles which are full of salty goodness. Comforting food.

I tried to watch Forbidden Kingdom but really couldn’t stomach hearing Jackie Chan and Jet Li speak English. Jackie’s okay, in stupid movies like Shanghai Knight and stuff, but.. it was just awful. I snacked on cut veggies and then had a chocolate dipped peppermint stick. The combination of chocolate and mint is one of my favourites.. and recently SK posted a recipe for chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint creme. You bet I’m going to try making those soon!



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