Jeanette recently told me that on Iron Chef  America, the chairman yells “allez cuisine” right before the chefs scramble about grabbing stuff. All these years I’ve watched Iron Chef, I never knew what the heck the chairmen were saying. I thought it was something in Japanese which would make sense, right? Nope. French.

Major shopping today. Picked up a nice chunk of maguro for spicy tuna, and a variety of other fish for sashimi: maguro, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp for nigiri, I contemplated the uni but thought better of it, and picked up a bunch of accoutrements. I also bought a bottle of ponzu, hopefully it’s good. And the seasoned soy sauce that William schooled me on. I intend to try and replicate his famous dressing.

Lunch today was a melange of cultures: a slice of cold (chicken, basil, red pepper) pizza from last night’s dinner, two tiny Korean rice cakes filled with sweet sesame and then an ume onigiri. YES! Mmmm… my stomach is happy now.


One thought on “ALLEZ CUISINE!

  1. haha i never knew that either. i thought it was japanese too… and the fact he yells it out in a weird way makes it hard to figure out wtf he’s saying.


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