hmm.. canned peaches?

William offered me canned peaches the last time I was at the Iggy’s and I was very skeptical. I don’t like canned peaches. I think they smell awful. I don’t like them in fruit cocktail either. In fact, the only canned fruits I’m really fond of are pineapples, but even then, I of course, prefer real fruit to anything canned. Both William and Jeanette assured me these peaches were different – crunchy! they said. I gave in and had a piece and whaddaya know. The fruit was refreshing, crisp and not laden with syrup! I liked it, so I asked William for a small bowl. Kim decided she was also a fan, and promptly went to Costco to get three jars. These are Del Monte canned (jar) peaches. Nice snack!

One thought on “hmm.. canned peaches?


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