We arrived at our first FINER THINGS IN LIFE CLUB event to find Jeanette and William busy in the kitchen. The bottles of vodka were prepared, sitting in a tub of ice.

William was rolling up proscuitto wrapped asparagus.. mm!

So yummy. We also had other tasty treats to go with our VODKA tasting..

Variety of olives, quiche, nuts, pickled peppers and garlic. Tasty!

We sampled seven different vodkas. I have to say, I prefer my vodka mixed with things, so the tasting was a bit hard for me to judge because everything was very strong! I did however find a favourite..

The vodkas we tasted were: 360, Three Olives, Grey Goose, Ruskova, Effen, Kirkland (Costco) and Svedka. My favourite ended up being the 360 which I have come to find is a green vodka – environmentally conscious packaging! Sweet! My least favourite was the Kirkland brand which we learned from Ron is made by the same people as GREY GOOSE! Bleh. The most expensive vodka on the table was not in my top three, however, a bottle of the cheapest was.. Ruskova! HAHAA! Shows you how much I really know about vodka.

Our next club tasting will be dessert wines… oooh yeah!


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